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Qantas to offer lower pricing through its distribution platform

Qantas has introduced the latest benefit via its Qantas Distribution Platform – a lower pricing initiative that enables travel agents and indirect customers to take advantage of domestic fares at a lower price compared to other indirect booking systems.

This is the first time Qantas has introduced such an initiative that allows Qantas to share the benefits and efficiencies of New Distribution Capability (NDC) with our valued customers.

Australian domestic fares available via the Qantas Distribution Platform are up to 4 per cent lower in price, compared to what is offered via indirect booking systems that do not access Qantas Distribution Platform content.  This difference in price via the Qantas Distribution Platform applies to the published base fare, excluding applicable taxes, fees and carrier charges. The difference in price may also vary depending on the route and class of travel, and the difference may change over time.

Qantas executive manager of global sales and distribution Igor Kwiatkowski said that lowering pricing would be the latest in a line of benefits rolled out to trade partners through the airline’s distribution strategy.

“Through the Qantas Distribution Platform, we have continued to invest in and modernize our distribution capabilities to the highest industry standards and lower pricing means that we can share these benefits and efficiencies with our trade partners,” Kwiatkowski said.

“The initiative will complement the many capabilities already enabled through our distribution platform from dynamic commission offers to personalization for customers.

“We know that some of our partners are still in the process of connecting to the platform, so we’ll be providing extra support in the three months leading up to the launch of lower pricing.”

Lower fares will be made available to all travel agents, travel management companies and online booking tools accessing content via the Qantas Distribution Platform.

Travel agents who have registered in the Qantas Channel can access Qantas Distribution Platform content via either an Approved Technology Partner, or by developing a direct connection to Qantas’ NDC XML Application Program Interface (API).

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