Thursday, July 18, 2024

All the latest developments with NDC: Travelport, Sabre and Spotnana announce new partnerships

The travel industry has seen a wave of new developments and partnerships aimed at enhancing the accessibility and variety of New Distribution Capability (NDC) content. Major players such as Travelport and Sabre have announced significant collaborations with airlines and travel platforms, marking a shift towards more personalized and streamlined travel experiences for both agents and travelers.

Travelport, a global technology company that powers bookings for hundreds of thousands of travel suppliers worldwide, has announced a new partnership with AJet, the low-cost carrier brand from Turkish Airlines. This partnership brings more enriched multi-source content to agency customers through the Travelport+ platform, allowing agents to easily shop, compare, and book domestic and international fares from AJet. In March 2024, Turkish Airlines re-launched AnadoluJet under the new brand AJet, aiming to provide a more modern, comfortable, and accessible airline experience for travelers.

Kerem Sarp, Chief Executive Officer at AJet, emphasized the significance of this partnership in propelling the airline’s growth. “We value our new partnership because Travelport shares our vision of creating modern experiences for travelers, aligning closely with our priorities as we expand our offerings for agencies and travelers.” The integration will allow Travelport’s agency customers to shop, compare, and book a wide range of domestic and international fares from AJet easily.

In another significant development, Sabre Corporation, a leading software and technology provider for the global travel industry, announced the availability of Etihad Airways’ NDC content through Sabre’s global travel marketplace. This addition expands Sabre’s footprint in the EMEA region and broadens travel agencies’ access to real-time, personalized travel options.

Jean-Vincent Teuler, Vice President, Airline Sales for the EMEA region at Sabre, highlighted the importance of this development, saying, “We are excited about the addition of Etihad Airways’ NDC content to our travel marketplace, which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing the content our customers want and the scalable capabilities they need.” Initially rolled out to agencies in Oman and Bahrain, this integration will soon be available more broadly.

Travelport has also launched NDC content and enhanced NDC servicing capabilities for Emirates on the Travelport+ platform. This integration allows Travelport’s agency customers to view, compare, and book dynamic NDC offers and ancillaries from Emirates, creating a more streamlined, personalized experience for travelers.

Adnan Kazim, Deputy President and Chief Commercial Officer at Emirates, stated, “Agencies using Travelport+ will now have access to better, more enriched content that is only available via the Emirates NDC channel.” The initial availability of this service in Australia, Indonesia, the UAE, and the UK will soon expand to additional countries, further enhancing Emirates’ reach in the global travel retail community.

In another major update, Sabre Corporation and Spotnana, the world’s first Travel-as-a-Service platform, announced an expanded partnership integrating Sabre’s NDC content. This collaboration empowers travel management companies (TMCs) and corporate travelers with a wider range of travel options, including personalized offers and bundled services.

Bill Brindle, Vice President, Content and Commercials at Spotnana, expressed the importance of this integration, stating, “By integrating Sabre’s NDC content, we’re empowering travel management companies to offer their clients a wider variety of flight options, including more choices for amenities and preferred seating, while streamlining the shopping booking process.” This partnership underscores the commitment of both companies to an open platform approach, allowing TMCs to thrive in a dynamic landscape.

Kathy Morgan, Vice President, Product Management at Sabre Travel Solutions, added, “Our expanded partnership with Spotnana allows us to reach a wider audience of corporate travelers and travel management companies. By working together, we can unlock the full potential of NDC and create a more personalized travel experience for business travelers around the world.”

These latest developments highlight the growing adoption and integration of NDC content across the travel industry. From Travelport’s partnerships with AJet and Emirates to Sabre’s collaborations with Etihad Airways and Spotnana, these initiatives are transforming the travel booking experience. By providing more personalized, dynamic, and efficient travel options, these companies are at the forefront of modernizing the travel industry, ultimately enhancing the experience for travelers and travel management companies alike.

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