Thursday, July 18, 2024

Travelport launches NDC content and servicing for Emirates on Travelport+

Travelport, a global technology company that powers travel bookings for hundreds of thousands of travel suppliers worldwide, and Emirates, one of the world’s largest international airlines, announced that New Distribution Capability (NDC) content from Emirates and enhanced NDC servicing capabilities are now available in the Travelport+ platform.

With this launch, Travelport’s agency customers will be able to easily view and compare more dynamic NDC offers and ancillaries from Emirates and create a more streamlined, personalized experience for travelers. Travelport’s complete NDC solution for Emirates also provides agents the ability to service NDC bookings, which includes modifications and cancellations.

“Agencies using Travelport+ will now have access to better, more enriched content that is only available via the Emirates NDC channel,” said Adnan Kazim, Deputy President and Chief Commercial Officer at Emirates. “The integration of our systems will strengthen the expansion of our reach across the global travel retail community and allow them to offer travelers more choice among our best-in-class products and services.”

“We are leading the way in delivering Emirates’ NDC content to travel retailers and giving agents the ability to compare and book the best offers and ancillaries available from Emirates on Travelport+,” said Jason Clarke, Chief Commercial Officer, Travel Partners at Travelport. “This pivotal NDC milestone with Emirates proves Travelport is at the forefront of modern retailing with our ability to provide the best content and cutting-edge tools that agents require to create superior booking and servicing experiences for their customers.”

Travelport’s NDC content and servicing solution for Emirates has first become available to all agency customers located in Australia, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. Access to Emirates NDC solution in Travelport+ will expand to agency customers located in additional countries in the coming weeks.

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