Friday, June 14, 2024

KLM announce new combined flight and rail ticketing

KLM has launched a new pilot initiative enabling customers to book train tickets from Amsterdam Schiphol to Centraal station as part of their flight booking process.

The carrier said that the partnership with Car Trawler was intended for foreign visitors flying KLM to Schiphol and staying in Amsterdam, allowing the to plan and book their entire journey in one place.

After completing the booking, customers are emailed their rail tickets by NS Dutch Railways. The service builds on an existing partnership with Car Trawler, through which KLM customers can combine their flight ticket with car rental or taxi bookings.

The carrier also said that it intends to offer more domestic rail services to and from Schiphol through the Car Trawler booking platform “in the coming months”, stating that “NS Dutch Railways and KLM want to ensure that rail and air services coincide more closely”.

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