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German tourism body shares sustainable travel tips

In an ongoing effort to promote eco-conscious travel, the German National Tourist Office (GNTO) has shared a series of sustainable travel tips as part of its ‘Simply Feel Good’ campaign.

Launched last year, the campaign continues to advocate for responsible travel, and these tips, it said, are integral to that mission.

The ‘Simply Feel Good’ campaign is designed to redefine travel experiences by incorporating sustainable practices that enhance both the journey and our planet’s health. It is a testament to Germany’s dedication to eco-conscious travel and is a continuing commitment to redefine travel experiences by highlighting sustainable practices, a statement said.

Sustainable Tips

Beyond the Beaten Path: Venture into Germany’s lesser-known locales to experience authentic local culture and pristine natural beauty.

Travel Smart: Opt for Germany’s efficient and eco-friendly transport networks for your travel plans.

Engage with Local Communities: Forge meaningful connections with locals for a more responsible and enriching travel experience.

Eco-friendly Shopping: Choose eco-conscious products and reduce packaging to save both money and the environment.

Unique Souvenirs: Support local artisans by picking special mementos that are both meaningful and sustainable.

Travel Light: Lighter luggage contributes to lower carbon emissions, making your journey more eco-friendly.

Savour Regional Delights: Experience Germany’s diverse regional cuisines, a vital aspect of sustainable travel.

Yamina Sofo, Director Marketing & Sales Office Gulf Countries at the German National Tourist Office, said: “With ‘Simply Feel Good’, we invite travelers to explore Germany in a way that respects both nature and culture.

“We believe sustainable travel should not only preserve our environment, but also enrich personal experiences. This initiative is our commitment to ensuring that every vacation is both memorable and positively impactful.”

Germany is at the forefront of responsible travel, offering a variety of eco-friendly accommodations and promoting activities such as walking, cycling, and canoeing. The campaign also encourages travelers to use the CO2 calculator, enabling them to offset their carbon footprint and contribute towards global carbon neutrality.

There are more than 1,540 sustainable certified accommodations available throughout Germany, showcasing the nation’s dedication to environmental conservation and sustainable tourism practices.

Moreover, the country is home to 20 sustainable certified regions and cities, including prominent destinations like Bad Dürrheim, Saarland, Deutsche Weinstraße, and Sächsische Schweiz.

These locations highlight Germany’s comprehensive approach to sustainability, providing travelers with destinations that are both stunning and mindful of environmental and cultural preservation.

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