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Ajman Tourism showcases its innovative tourism initiatives

Ajman Tourism is focusing on developing novelty in its tourism sector, and promoting a culture of innovation at both institutional and individual levels by attracting pioneering projects, talents and creative minds.

As part of the activities of ‘UAE Innovates 2022’, the largest national event of its kind to celebrate innovation in all Emirates of the UAE, the Ajman Department of Tourism Development is organizing a series of projects, initiatives and workshops aimed at exploring the tourism prospects in the Emirate of Ajman and strengthening its position as a leading tourist destination.

During the ‘UAE Innovates 2022’ activities in the month of February, Ajman Tourism will focus on strengthening the tourism and hospitality sector through several initiatives to meet the challenges facing the industry. In this regard, the Ajman Tourism is organising competitions among the artist and talents to present innovative ideas for the tourism sector in the Emirate, in addition to workshops targeting start-ups, small and medium-sized companies, members of the local community and hotel establishments. 

The event will also see the signing of agreements in the field of innovation with universities and hotel establishments in the Emirate of Ajman to launch and activate innovative initiatives, in addition to a couple of innovative projects through (Project X).

In the context of its participation in the ‘UAE Innovates 2022’ activities, Ajman Tourism has developed a busy programme that aims to inspire partners and stakeholders of tourism and hospitality sector to embrace innovation and creative thinking in transforming Ajman into a competitive touristic destination ready for the future of travel. 

‘UAE Innovates 2022’ is designed to consolidate a culture of innovation and strengthen community role in creating future experiments and initiatives to be supportive of the directions of the UAE in the next 50 years.  

The event’s program in the Emirate of Ajman seeks to attract sophisticated ideas and creative solutions with distinct and uncommon content, which reflect the Emirate’s keenness to enhance community members’ awareness of the importance of innovation and its impact on the future of individuals.

With regards to these activities, Saleh Mohamed Al Geziry, Director General of the Ajman Department of Tourism Development, said: “UAE Innovates 2022 is designed to support the intellectual and creative horizons for both institutions and individuals. It is a practical reflection of the directives of our wise leadership towards building a community outfitted with modern sciences, knowledge and technology in dealing with innovation concepts and paths. The event also supports the national innovation strategy, and contributes to strengthening the UAE’s position, as well as motivating the government and private sectors and individuals to adopt advanced practices.”  

Al Geziry pointed out that the events and initiatives launched by Ajman Tourism this year aim to create new innovative practices that fulfil the aspirations of the wise leadership and the UAE’s goals for the next fifty years. He explained that the goal behind designing a variety of initiatives and events is to shed light on the role of innovation in honing abilities to cope with the challenges of future economic development. 

“Our initiatives contribute to enhancing the reputation of the UAE globally as a laboratory for creative ideas, and consolidating its position as a regional and global hub for knowledge-based development.”

Al Geziry added that Ajman Tourism seeks to reform the content presented and develop innovative experiences and ideas in conjunction with the launch of the ‘UAE Innovates 2022’ activities, stressing that innovation is the cornerstone of the Department’s strategic plan. He applauded the efforts of Ajman Tourism’s team in contributing to the success of the initiatives and activities of “UAE Innovates 2022”. 

“We seek to spread and promote the culture of innovation in the Emirate of Ajman in particular and the UAE in general, and to strengthen the country’s position as a global hub for innovation, in order for the UAE to become the world’s most innovative country,” he concluded.

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