Tuesday, April 16, 2024

WegoPro partners with Circles to enhance business travel

WegoPro, a modern platform that simplifies business travel and expense management for companies globally, has entered into a partnership with global technology company, Circles, to enhance the booking experience for business travelers.

The collaboration with Circles, which reimagines the telco industry with its SaaS platform, will enable travelers to integrate data roaming services seamlessly within their booking journey on WegoPro.

Businesses can now streamline their travelers’ experience across both advance and post-booking stages on the same platform, ensuring better control and efficiency.

By adding connectivity services, WegoPro not only elevates convenience for the business traveler but also enables businesses to manage all expenses within the same platform, simplifying the entire travel process.

“We are thrilled to partner with Circles to enhance the business travel experience for our users,” said Prashant Kirtane, CEO of WegoPro.

“By integrating Jetpac’s eSIM into our platform, we are empowering business travelers with seamless connectivity and exclusive perks, further solidifying WegoPro as the ultimate solution for modern business travel.”

One of the key highlights of this collaboration is the introduction of Jetpac’s eSIM, offering users the ultimate convenience of travel roaming services. With a one-time installation of the eSIM, travelers can enjoy connectivity across all destinations covered by Jetpac, eliminating the hassle of SIM swapping forever.

This eSIM can be used in over 100 countries and across multiple destinations within 30 days, enabling travelers to connect instantly upon landing without worrying about data roaming charges.

Aditya Goyal, Business Head of New Business Build in Circles, said: “We are very excited to partner with WegoPro to bring our award-winning Jetpac Travel eSIM product to Business Travelers.

“With Jetpac Travel eSim, WegoPro customers will get seamless connectivity around the world. This is a new milestone in revolutionizing Business Travel across the globe”.

Jetpac’s eSIM also comes with exclusive perks, including complimentary airport lounge access in the event of a flight delay across more than 1,000 lounges worldwide.

This feature has been lauded by frequent travelers as a ‘lifesaver,’ providing them with free access to airport lounges and the ability to bring along five friends.

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