Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Trip.com launches TripGen, real-time travel guide

Trip.com has launched TripGen, a chatbot designed to provide travelers with live assistance through cutting-edge AI technology. Trip.com implemented this technology to enable users to receive tailored travel routes, itineraries and travel booking advice in real-time on the Trip.com platform.

The newly launched consumer tool strives to make travel more accessible than ever with its all-in-one app strategy. Trip.com has long offered personalized comprehensive search solutions designed to meet travelers’ needs for the best flights, hotels, and travel guides. TripGen has taken this search capability one step further with an advanced context-based Natural Language Processing-integrated (NLP) chatbot. Users can ask complex or vague questions and get the exact answers they need to “Generate Your Dream Trip Just Like That”.

Making pre-trip decisions and in-trip arrangements can be stressful. If you’re not a travel expert, the first obstacle for most is: Where should I go? What should I do? Of course, you can ask friends or search online, but inevitably this leads to more questions like, what’s unique about this place? How do I arrange my days? What’s it going to cost me? and so on. TripGen’s chatbot allows users to enter any fragmented travel-related questions, and receive instant suggestions for pre-trip decisions and in-trip arrangements, from flights and hotels to transportation and tours, making the whole process enjoyable and stress-free.

Amy Wei, Senior Product Director at Trip.com Group and Product Owner of TripGen, shared her experience as a frequent traveler, “Time is precious, but planning is always so time-consuming and stressful. There is so much information available to users, and often it’s overwhelming. As a travelholic who visited over 40 countries, I completely empathize with other travelers’ pain points and difficulties in preparing for a trip.”

Understanding the difficulties consumers face when planning and preparing for a trip, Amy and her team integrated AI technology to help solve this complex and stressful process, providing efficient and valuable real-time assistance. She added, “TripGen can provide travelers with closed-loop services before, after, and during their trip just as the saying goes, ‘You desire a trip, we generate the rest. Just like that!’”

Schubert Lou, COO of Trip.com said, “The goal of Trip.com is to become your trusted trip companion. The release of TripGen provides real-time, question-and-answer services in the Trip.com app, resulting in greater, faster, and more diverse support for travelers.”

“TripGen currently supports English, Japanese, Korean and traditional Chinese. More languages will be added depending on user needs. On the technical side, TripGen has integrated the OpenAI API, which developed ChatGPT based on GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture. In the future, we will consider other NLP model alternatives and continue on our journey to provide the ultimate product experience for travelers.”

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