Friday, August 12, 2022

El Ajouz Travel partners with Sabre to power growth through recovery   

Sabre Corporation, the leading technology provider to the global travel and tourism industry, announced the renewal of an exclusive and a long-term agreement with El Ajouz Travel, the leading travel company in Lebanon to power the agency’s growth and recovery.  The extended agreement reaffirms two decades of collaboration and was marked by a signing ceremony that was attended by executives and team members from both companies.

Under this agreement, El Ajouz Travel will continue to access Sabre’s portfolio of innovative technology, including its industry-leading Sabre Red 360 platform. Furthermore, El Ajouz Travel will deploy Sabre’s Automation Hub- a series of automated processes to minimize human error, increase efficiency, and amplify customer satisfaction.

“With its industry-leading shopping and merchandising technology, coupled with the expertise of its dedicated team, we are confident that Sabre is the right partner during this pivotal time,” said Hasan El Ajouz, Chairman, El Ajouz Travel. “We are working with them to deploy latest intelligent and innovative solutions to support our long-term goals, differentiate our travel offerings, improve operational efficiencies and boost revenue.”

EL Ajouz Travel has showed resilience and steady growth and been recovering on higher rates than the Lebanese market. Its ambitious plans include continue providing exceptional travel services in Lebanon and expand its reach to regional markets.

“We are thrilled to continue working with EL Ajouz Travel to achieve their growth goals as the industry continues to recover,” said Abdul-Razzaq Iyer, vice president, Sabre Travel Network Middle East. “We are committed to partnering with them and our agency community in creative ways to deliver smart and intelligent technology that meet their customers’ needs and address the challenges of today’s environment.”

Sabre’s travel marketplace plays an important role in facilitating the marketing and sale of airfares, hotel rooms, rental cars, rail tickets and other types of travel, to more than 425,000 travel agents and thousands of corporations who use it to shop, book and manage travel.

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