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Research to reveal way forward for post-pandemic travel

Amadeus has revealed the results of a global study of nine markets, including new data on traveller sentiment around restrictions, digital health data and sustainable travel.

The survey of 9,074 consumers across France, Germany, India, Spain, Russia, Singapore, the UAE, the UK and the US showed that the demand for travel is high.

The study also showed that greater clarity on travel guidelines will be key to increasing traveler confidence. More than 31 per cent of UAE travelers said the current international guidelines around where and how to travel are confusing, making them less likely to book business or leisure travel.

Travel Technology and Data

When questioned, 95 per cent of UAE travelers would be willing to provide personal data for the effective use of digital health passports or certificates. This is indicative of increased openness to embrace technology and a willingness to share health data so they can start traveling again. However, this figure fell to 49 per cent when business travelers were asked if they would be willing to provide their health data to visit a conference or event. Only 29 per cent of leisure travelers would be willing to share personal data for an excursion or activity at their destination.

The research is the third in a series of traveler sentiment surveys by Amadeus, carried out with the aim to help the travel industry rebuild. Both the 2020 Rethink Travel survey (Sept 2020) and Rebuild Travel Digital Health (Feb 2021) survey revealed how technology can help to increase traveler confidence and Amadeus revisited this question to see how traveler confidence has changed since September 2020.

In the most recent survey, 97 per cent of travelers said that technology will increase their confidence to travel. This is up from 91 per cent in February 2021 and 84 per cent in September 2020, showing a growing sense of confidence in technology.   

Sustainable Travel

When considering the future of travel and sustainability, the survey highlighted what solutions travelers believe might help the industry to become more sustainable in the long-term. Nearly half of travelers believe greater availability of green modes of transport, such as electric planes or trains, would help achieve that goal. A total of 47 per cent believe making sustainable travel more cost-effective would be beneficial, and 47 per cent of travelers said that more transparency around travel companies’ sustainability policies would be useful.

Amadeus president of Travel, Decius Valmorbida said: “The travel industry still faces many challenges in light of Covid-19, but we’re seeing positive steps taken as restrictions lift and developments in digital health certificates continue around the world.

“This research demonstrates the appetite to travel is continuing to grow, and that travelers are looking forward to advancements in areas such as touchless technology, digital health and sustainable travel. Now is the time to listen even more closely to travelers’ needs so we can rebuild our industry in a way that is more traveler-focused, resilient and sustainable.”

Amadeus president of Hospitality, Francisco Pérez-Lozao Rüter added: “This three-part series of research has highlighted the essential role that both technology and data have to play in the recovery of our industry and increasing traveller confidence.

“In hospitality specifically, we are seeing how our hotel customers are implementing solutions that complement and streamline experiences without losing the human touch while using data to better prepare for guest demands.”

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