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Avani+ Palm Dubai commits to a sustainable future

Avani Hotels & Resorts has been steadily expanding its presence in the Middle East. With three Aani properties in the region, including Avani+ Palm View Dubai, previously the Avani Palm View Dubai Hotel & Suites. This also marks the first Avani+ in the region.

According to its parent company, Minor Hotels, the Avani+ designation is reserved for properties with a prime location and feature destination dining concepts, AvaniFit gyms, modern design, and dedicated social living spaces. Today, there are only a handful of Avani+ properties worldwide. These include Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel, Avani+ Khao Lak Resort in Thailand and Avani+ Luang Prabang in Laos.

With the launch of Avani+ Palm View, brand’s expansion in the region is undoubtedly on the horizon. The hotel company brand is keen to grow in locations that align with its concept of delivering an upbeat and contemporary experience. spoke to General Manager Georges Farhat to know more about Avani+ Palm View Dubai’s recent rebranding and what it means for the hotel and its guests.

Can you tell us about the rebranding to Avani+?

The rebranding of Avani Palm View Dubai Hotel & Suites to Avani+ status signifies a significant enhancement in the hotel’s offerings. This upgrade comes after incorporating several notable additional facilities. With the introduction of a Lebanese-inspired restaurant called La Sirène, stylish meeting rooms like Palm 1 and Palm 2, and the introduction of the all-new Avani Club, the hotel is not only renewing its position as the flagship Avani property in the city and the region but also creates a new destination for the additional facilities opened. This will offer an elevated experience to both business and leisure guests.
Avani+ designation is an acknowledgment of the property’s prime location and exceptional offerings, making it a flagship Avani+ property in both the city and the region. Guests can now expect a more enriching and exclusive experience during their stay.

What can guests expect at the Avani+ Palm View Dubai Hotel & Suites in terms of new tech, innovations, experiences, or services?

At Avani+ Palm View Dubai Hotel & Suites, guests can anticipate a blend of modern amenities and captivating experiences. The property offers 247 rooms with varied floor plans and room categories from Studio to 3-bedroom apartments, each featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, fully-equipped kitchens, interactive living spaces, and balconies in the majority of the rooms, boasting views of The Palm Jumeirah, the Arabian Gulf, and Dubai’s skyline.

The hotel’s contemporary design emphasizes total body fitness, with an AvaniFit gym featuring top-of-the-line equipment. Guests can enjoy an array of dining options, including the all-day Seven Seeds, the on-the-go café The Pantry, and the Lebanese restaurant La Sirene. The dual-level outdoor pool offers breathtaking city views, while excellent transport like Dubai Tram, Monorail to Palm Jumeirah, taxi, and busses links ensure easy access to attractions.

In short, Avani+ Palm View Dubai provides a seamless blend of modern comfort, technology, and a range of facilities that cater to both short and long-stay guests, all set against the backdrop of Dubai’s vibrant urban landscape.

The hotel opened amid the global pandemic – Since then, what kind of market presence has Avani+ Palm Dubai built in the UAE and the region?

Despite its launch during the global pandemic, Avani+ Palm View Dubai Hotel & Suites has swiftly established a robust market presence in the UAE and the wider region. The property’s contemporary design, comprehensive facilities, and prime location have contributed to its positive reception, maintaining consistently high occupancy levels since its December 2020 opening. The hotel’s appeal has resonated with both local and international guests, reflecting its universal allure. Avani+ Palm View Dubai Hotel & Suites draws guests from diverse source markets, showcasing its ability to captivate a broad spectrum of travelers seeking a modern and elevated hospitality experience.

What percentage of your guests are business travelers vs. leisure guests?

Avani+ Palm View Dubai Hotel & Suites welcomes a balanced mix of business travelers and leisure guests. While specific percentages may vary, the hotel has designed its offerings to cater to both segments. The addition of modern meeting rooms, like Palm 1 and Palm 2, Avani Club demonstrates the hotel’s commitment to providing top-notch facilities for business travelers, while La Sirène restaurant caters to leisure guests looking for exclusive experiences and culinary delights.

Have you seen a shift in the way people travel or what they want from their travel/holidays? What were your biggest challenges catering to the post-pandemic guest?

Indeed, the global pandemic has brought about significant shifts in travel preferences. Guests now place greater emphasis on safety, hygiene, and flexible booking options. Avani+ Palm View Dubai Hotel & Suites responded by implementing rigorous health and safety protocols to ensure guest well-being. The challenges of catering to the post-pandemic guest included adapting to changing travel regulations, implementing contactless services, and maintaining a strong sense of hospitality while adhering to health guidelines.

How does the Avani brand differ from Anantara – which is a brand already popular in this region?

The Avani brand and Anantara, both part of Minor Hotels, offer distinct experiences while catering to different preferences. Avani is tailored for the millennial-minded traveler seeking style, value, and comfort. It emphasizes good sleep, locally inspired sustenance, and designed social spaces. Anantara, on the other hand, focuses on luxury and immersive cultural experiences. While both brands share a commitment to exceptional hospitality, Avani appeals to a more contemporary and value-conscious demographic, while Anantara caters to those looking for a higher level of luxury and authenticity.

What are the hotel’s core pillars around sustainability? Tell us about your efforts.

Sustainability stands at the forefront of Avani+ Palm View Dubai Hotel & Suites’ values since its establishment in late 2020. The hotel remains steadfast in its commitment to measuring, documenting, and curbing food waste. Confronting the challenge of food waste in premium hotels, the property has introduced innovative strategies that align with its sustainability goals.

With an aim to reduce organic waste destined for landfill by 50% by 2030, the hotel has integrated food waste macerators into its waste disposal room. These devices efficiently break down leftovers, repurposing them as fertilizer and animal feed for local farms. The ‘No Bin Day’ initiative further promotes sustainability, urging the kitchen team to creatively repurpose surplus food, minimizing wastage.

Strategically placed “Food Waste Reduction” posters serve as constant reminders for both team members and guests about conscious consumption. These initiatives underscore the hotel’s commitment to responsible practices, aligning with Avani’s dedication to sustainability and community engagement.

The Avani+ brand is also about its location. How relevant is this for the company and why?

Location plays a pivotal role in the Avani+ brand’s identity. Avani+ properties are strategically situated in prime locations, offering guests front-row access to the best of each destination. This approach aligns with the brand’s commitment to providing exceptional experiences that are deeply rooted in the local culture and surroundings. The strategic location not only enhances the guest experience but also contributes to the destination’s visibility and popularity. This approach is equally relevant for Anantara Hotels, showcasing how both brands create distinctive experiences through their locations.

What can we look forward to at Avani+ Palm View Dubai in the year ahead?

In the coming year, guests at Avani+ Palm View Dubai Hotel & Suites can anticipate a continuation of the brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional experiences. This might include further innovations, additions, or enhancements to facilities and services that align with Avani+’s value proposition. The property is set to introduce Avani Kids, a new kids club planned to open in Q4 2023. This addition will further enhance the family-friendly offerings, providing young guests with a dedicated space for entertainment and activities. The hotel’s dedication to providing a premium experience, as showcased by the recent additions like La Sirène, Palm 1 and Palm 2 meeting rooms, and the Avani Club, suggests that guests can expect ongoing efforts to elevate their stay and create lasting memories.

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