Sunday, July 14, 2024

Thomas Cook India launches FX-Now for corporate travelers

With the rapid revival of business travel and corporates accelerating their digital transformation, Thomas Cook (India) Limited has launched FX-Now – a pioneering digital tool that empowers its corporate segment with convenient, customizable and contactless end-to-end foreign exchange services.

Foreign exchange procedures require careful documentation and approvals – resulting in complex/cumbersome processes. In an initiative to simplify the process, yet maintain necessary checks and balances, Thomas Cook India’s FX-Now ushers in a digitised foreign exchange model that ensures speed, accuracy and seamless services for its on-the-go business travelers.

Benefits include – Simple, swift, convenient and contactless online process; In-built with traveler documentation and KYC for multiple usage; Streamlined approval processes saving time and effort; Auto recommendation of optimal card to currency mix and Smooth coordination with foreign exchange provider.

Deepesh Varma, Senior Vice President, Foreign Exchange, Thomas Cook (India) Limited said, “The pandemic has served to fast track India’s digital evolution and this is even more so for our corporate travelers – a critical segment for our Forex business. With the current Forex processes being rather cumbersome, requiring significant documentation and approvals, we were keen to eliminate the pain points for our business travelers. This formed the genesis of FX-Now, our cutting-edge corporate self-booking tool that empowers our corporates with simple, swift, convenient and contactless services for end-to-end forex transactions. FX-Now is inbuilt with customizable corporate travel policies, approval matrix and customizable MIS capabilities to further benefit our corporate segment.”

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