Friday, February 3, 2023

Amadeus and Finnair push to make airline retailing transformation a reality

Amadeus and Finnair are collaborating to take a significant step forward in the transformation of airline retailing, with an IT agreement to deliver simplicity, flexibility and exceptional end-to-end experiences to travelers.

Within the agreement, that is first of its kind in the industry, Amadeus and Finnair will collaborate to build the next-generation airline retail offering, bringing personalization and real-time insights through the adoption of Offers and Orders. The deal expands on the existing capabilities between the two companies and will cover a transition to Offer and Order management.

The retailing partnership will allow Finnair to provide personalized, smooth, and more enjoyable experiences across digital touchpoints to travelers. Finnair will also be in a better position to serve customers in possible disruption situations and create and package offers dynamically through real-time traveler insights. Through the adaptation of Offer and Order management, Finnair will enhance their capabilities for bundling and unbundling their products, increasing ancillary sales and driving more traffic to our direct channels.

Antti Kleemola, Finnair’s Chief Information Officer said: “Enhanced digital capabilities are at the very core of offering customers the possibility to tailor their travel experience, and to offer a stellar customer experience. Better retailing capabilities including dynamic pricing, upselling, cross-selling, bundling and unbundling also support our target of boosting revenues and improving profitability. We are excited to continue this journey together with our long-standing partner Amadeus.”

Amadeus will offer Finnair access to smart bridging capabilities, allowing it to gradually move from the Altéa Passenger Service System (PSS) to the new retailing technology based on Offer Management, Order Management and Platform capabilities. This will enable business continuity, based on value driven initiatives to enhance efficiency during transition.

Maher Koubaa, EVP, Airlines, EMEA, Amadeus said: “Amadeus is investing in making modern airline retailing a reality, powered by the cloud and agile development – and today marks a significant milestone on that journey. As we step into a new era of airline opportunity, we are delighted to partner with an innovative airline such as Finnair as we work together in new ways to bring to the market a retail offering that deliver more value to airlines. Finnair is the first to take this step with us and we are fully committed to partner with them throughout that journey.”

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