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Saudi Arabia’s Hurra Al Hurra Reserve new tourist hotspot

Saudi tourism authorities said Hurra Al Hurra Reserve, one of the first protected areas in the kingdom that features a series of low volcanic mountains ranging from 800 to 1,150 m above sea level, is fast emerging as a tourist hotspot among the ‘adventurous’ travelers.

Located in the Northern Border and Al-Jawf regions, it lies within the boundaries of the King Salman bin Abdulaziz Royal Reserve in the northwest of the Kingdom, covering an area of 13,775 square kilometers.

It is distinguished by a volcanic plateau adorned with black basalt rocks.

Hurra Al-Hurra and its surrounding areas feature a diverse landscape, with depressions, watersheds, valleys and an abundance of springs scattered throughout the area, said the authorities.

The reserve boasts a rich diversity of plant cover, including perennial and annual species found along streams and their banks. Trees such as tamarisk and lycium thrive here, along with shrubs like achilleas and artemisia, and annual herbs like lavender.

According to the officials, the reserve is also home to wildlife, including Arabian goitered gazelles, mountain gazelles, wolves, Arabian foxes, sand foxes, Arabian hares and a wide variety of endemic and migratory birds, they added.

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