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Jordan sees robust growth in tourism revenue, visitors

Jordan experienced a 41.3 per cent surge in tourism revenue over the first eight months of the year, compared to the same timeframe in the previous year, according to Central Bank of Jordan data.

This uptick has been attributed to a noticeable rise in tourist arrivals, according to a Petra news agency report.

As per the bank’s recent data release, the tourism sector’s earnings stood at approximately JD3.651 billion ($5.150 billion) during the period.

This was bolstered by the 41.9 per cent increase in tourist arrivals during the period, totaling around 4.504 million, the report said.

The bank highlighted that overnight tourists rose to 3.757 million, reflecting a 38.5 per cent growth, while the day-trippers segment saw a tally of 747,000, showing an increase of 61.3 per cent.

In a month-on-month comparison, August’s tourism income grew by 10.8 per cent from last year, registering JD646.2 million ($911.4 million) for the month.

Meanwhile, spending by Jordanians traveling abroad also increased. Data for August showed a rise of 16.1 per cent from the previous year, amounting to JD142.2 million ($201 million). On a cumulative scale, the eight-month overseas tourism expenditure by Jordanians totaled JD955 million ($1.347 billion), reflecting a 34.1 per cent annual growth.

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