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Cruise Master reveals growth plans as it marks 15th year

Cruise Master, the Middle East’s first specialized cruise agency, has announced the launch of several ambitious growth plans as the company celebrates fifteen years of operations in the Middle East. The “Cruise Only” agency is a one-stop-shop for major cruise lines in the world, opening customers and travel agents to countless types of itineraries, destinations, and experiences.

From a humble beginning in 2007, Cruise Master has been at the forefront of innovation and launched the first cruise booking engine in the Middle East, covering 18 major cruise lines.

As part of its commitment to bolstering the travel industry and providing agents with the necessary skills and technical know-how to book a cruise for their clients, Cruise Master provides their trade partners access to their cruise booking engine.  The agency also has partnerships with key airlines in the region to foster seamless integration between air, land & sea.

Popularly known as Cruise Guru, Ashok Kumar, Managing Director and Founder said: “As we celebration fifteenth year of Cruise Master, we are quite pleased to see the uptick in cruising as the world rebounds from the effects of the pandemic. We are seeing consumer demand in the region reach new heights and is perfect time to relaunch our cruise booking engine, bringing customers their dream cruise experience at the click of a button.”

“First time cruisers can choose from a cruise in Alaska, Caribbean, Mediterranean and Northern Europe in summer or an exotic journey to the Far East, Japan or Australia. For matured travelers, there are ultra-luxury ocean going small cruise ships to cruises on many famous rivers in the world. For adventure seekers, we have cruises to top or end of the earth! Each port of call offers a distinct experience, opening a world of possibilities for clients looking to traverse the seven seas on a cruise ship.

“Our strength is that our whole team is focused on cruise vacations only.  And thanks to cruise lines who have shown the confidence in services of Cruise Master as well as travel agents who have given us their loyal support over the years. We look forward to playing an important role in the growth of the cruise industry in the Middle East, and to many more years of Cruise Master,” added Kumar.

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