Thursday, July 7, 2022

Aurora Expeditions launch 2022-23 brochure; featuring new itineraries

The latest Aurora Expeditions 2022-2023 brochure brings a wide choice of exciting destinations, including 16 new and innovative itineraries perfect for travel agents who have clients that are looking to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Award-winning adventure expedition company’s new brochure is filled with old-time favourite itineraries as well as some new journeys. From remote coastlines to geological wonders, there is something for everyone. As travelers prep for their long-due travel, Aurora Expeditions have out together itineraries in Alaska, Antarctica, Arctic, British Isles, Latin America, Oceania & Asia and Russian Far East.

Aurora Expeditions will also feature two new, state of the art ships – the Greg Mortimer and the Sylvia Earle, which will be making its debut in 2022.  The ships feature Ulstein X-BOW, which is revolutionary in making sailing smoother and faster and is set to “redefine expedition cruising”. Moreover, the ice-strengthened ships will enable guests to land on the most remote locations, offering them new base camps in every adventure.

The ships also feature luxurious amenities for the comfort and convenience of guests such as an observation area and lounge, a library, wellness centres and Jacuzzis, restaurants and bars, and staterooms and suites that suit your clients’ needs.

Unlike larger ships, Aurora Expeditions averages around 130-140 guests per voyage, meaning guests explore more and enjoy more one-on-one time with the Expedition Team. The new ships will offer an array of activities including polar plunge, Zodiac cruise, guided hikes, photography, snorkelling, sea kayaking and much more.

The new brochure also features an expanded Citizen Science Program, which will be launching across all Aurora Expeditions voyages from 2022.

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