Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Trip.com launches Trip.biz, its new business travel booking App

Trip.Biz, the travel management company from Trip.com Group, has unveiled a new app to help business travelers make arrangements – and receive approvals – seamlessly.

Imagine a world where booking business travel takes seconds and the intricacies of managing approvals seamlessly meld into one user-friendly platform. Trip.Biz is poised to revolutionize corporate travel management with its easy-to-use technology and extensive range of offerings, all while prioritizing sustainability.

Trip.Biz’s new innovative app, with its 24/7 customer support in multiple languages, offers a range of benefits, empowering users to streamline their processes and ensure a seamless corporate travel experience.

From the booking perspective, the app boasts features like flight and hotel booking, with options to modify, cancel, or request refunds seamlessly. Employees can book point-to-point, round-trip, or multi-point journeys. The app provides a user-friendly and convenient interface for managing itineraries, enhancing the overall experience for travelers.

On the management side, the app offers powerful approval functions, allowing for personalized approval processes. This means approvals can be managed centrally, even across different countries and cost centres, streamlining the workflow for managers. The flexible approval workflow ensures adaptability to varying organizational structures and requirements.

Alongside the app’s debut, Trip.Biz is proud to unveil its fresh new logo, a striking symbol of its commitment to meeting corporate travel needs. The logo embodies Trip.Biz’s core values: people, technology plus inventory, and sustainability, represented by orange, blue, and green, respectively.

Trip.Biz also offers a massive inventory of offerings, providing an extensive range of content from hotels, flights, car services, and more, giving businesses the power of choice.

Violet Zong, Chief Marketing Officer at Trip.Biz, said, “In our relentless pursuit to advance corporate travel management, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest Trip.Biz app epitomizing efficiency, convenience, and sustainability.

“Trip.Biz empowers users to navigate the complexities of corporate travel with ease. Our commitment to user-centric experience is further echoed in our fresh new logo, symbolizing our dedication to meeting the ever-changing needs of modern businesses while upholding our core values.”

Trip.Biz provides an array of international flights that cover 147 countries. Additionally, its network of business travel hotels spans 230 countries and regions, as well as partnerships with around 2 million hotels worldwide. Its international ride-hailing services are available in over 60 countries and over 600 cities.

To experience its latest features, download the app which is now available on IOS and Android.

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