Friday, June 14, 2024

Oyo launches self sign-up service for hotels

Hospitality firm OYO has announced a self-onboarding tool, the OYO 360, which allows small hotels and homeowners to list their properties on the company’s platform.

OYO 360 promises to be a game changer in the organic growth of the business, including newer self-sign ups and growing the supply infrastructure via technology. With OYO 360, the company will fast-track onboarding in 30 minutes against a typical 15-days process, it said in a statement.

The tool allows its prospective patrons, including small hotels, homeowners and ex-OYO patrons, who have been impacted by COVID-19, boost their revenues and increase profits digitally, it added.

“OYO 360 is a big bet to accelerate supply acquisition and enhance the overall experience by making on boarding simpler and convenient. It aims to provide direct control on pricing, increasing occupancies and visibility on simplified contracts and reconciliation processes,” OYO INSEA Chief Executive Officer Rohit Kapoor said.

The tool is now available in Europe and India, and it will be launched in South-East Asia, which have been the core focus markets for the company, the statement said.

Patrons can log in simply with their phone number or using social media accounts to initiate their property on boarding process. This tool will require basic details on the hotel, room number, amenities and imagery, it added.

With a simple review and in a single click, the property will be live in just 30 minutes across all platforms, OYO said.

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