Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Finnair strengthens its NDC capabilities as they partner with TPConnects

Finnair has announced TPConnects, an IATA NDC Dual Level 4 Certified IT Provider and Aggregator, as their NDC Aggregator enabling travel sellers to access their NDC-sourced content.

The new partnership will enhance the digital distribution for Finnair while providing travel agents access to rich content, differentiated products, offers, ancillaries, and customized services through the TPConnects’ NDC Aggregator Platform, empowering them to better service their customers.

“At TPConnects, we are always on the lookout for airlines partners who stand with us at the forefront of NDC adoption and are delighted with our new partnership with Finnair,” said Rajendran Vellapalath, CEO TPConnects.

“Our expertise and experience as a leading provider of travel technology solutions go hand-in-hand with Finnair’s commitment to long-term simplification of distribution through NDC and other innovations in airline retailing.”

“We are confident that the capabilities and flexibility offered via TPConnects’ NDC Aggregator Platform, Combined NDC API solution and NDCMarketplace.com, our exclusive NDC-enabled retailing and distribution technology, will deliver a richer customer experience as it presents opportunities for travel sellers to capitalize on the full range of Finnair’s products and services.”

Finnair is the first airline committed to end EDIFACT distribution by the end of 2025.

The airline is a member of IATA’s prestigious NDC Leaderboard group, which comprises 23 international airlines that account for more than 30 per cent of IATA’s passenger volumes.

Jenni Suomela, VP Channel management said: “At Finnair, we embrace change and will continue to work towards promoting NDC-content as one of the key initiatives in modernizing airline product distribution for the benefit of our customers and enhancing their booking experience.”

“By bringing more choice and personalization opportunities to travel sellers on TPConnect’s Travel Agency partner network and enabling them to shop, book and service Finnair’s NDC-content, we ensure greater choice for customers shopping through partner agencies.” she added.

NDCMarketplace.com is TPConnect’s exclusive, subscription-based online marketplace that can offers easy and secure access to Finnair’s NDC-rich content, differentiated products, customized services and much more. NDCMarketplace collaborates with many of the leading airlines from the NDC leaderboard to enhance the distribution of NDC content. Travel sellers subscribed to NDCMarketplace will get access to all participating NDC airline content alongside GDS and LCC content in one screen, offering a booking and servicing experience like no other.

“The multiple solutions offered by TPConnects provides an end to end functionalities from search, book, issue ticket, add ancillaries, manage aftersales (refund, reissue, void, etc.) which eliminates the need for the travel seller to relying on various interfaces’’ added Vellapalath.

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