Monday, May 27, 2024

chatlyn unveils AI chatbot for hospitality at ATM 2024

As part of its strategic expansion in the Middle East, chatlyn, a leading developer of guest experience software focused on travel and hospitality, is excited to unveil its most advanced AI chatbot at Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2024.

chatlyn’s AI chatbot excels in processing natural language and grammatical nuances, supporting nearly any language, including Arabic. This capability ensures precise, real-time responses, enhancing communication for hotels with diverse international clientele and significantly speeding up response times.

Handling up to 4,000 tokens allows the AI to manage longer interactions in a single request, enabling it to understand and respond to extensive customer queries or messages in a single go, ultimately leading to more effective and efficient interactions.

chatlyn’s AI chatbot allows users to upload any business PDF and instantly receive precise answers. This demonstrates the chatbot’s effectiveness as a dynamic knowledge base, providing quick and accurate responses in seconds.

“During the BETA phase, we saw customers increase their success rate in resolving queries by fifteen times simply by uploading a PDF with their information and integrating the chatbot into their main communication channels,” said Michael Urbanek, CTO of chatlyn. chatlyn’s AI chatbot harnesses the double data capacity, surpassing other hospitality chatbots with unmatched depth and responsiveness in every interaction.

Since its launch in late 2022, chatlyn has expanded rapidly and now supports more than 1,000 properties worldwide, including hundreds of prominent brands within the travel industry. With more than one million messages processed, the effectiveness and scalability of chatlyn’s AI solutions is evident.

chatlyn has established a strong client base in the Middle East, working with a variety of properties in the hospitality sector, including, La Quinta by Wyndham,, and Amsaan Tours, among others.

chatlyn’s suite of products is crafted to transform customer engagement within the hospitality industry. It features an omnichannel inbox, AI assistants, and an Automation Studio, ensuring seamless interaction across multiple platforms such as web chat, WhatsApp, email, and social media. This AI-driven platform enhances every customer interaction, prioritizing satisfaction and efficiency.

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