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Wooden key cards offer more sustainability options for hotels

Each year, a typical hotel with 200 rooms uses about 12,000 non-biodegradable key cards, creating approximately 1,300 tonnes of plastic waste that ends up in landfills.

In an effort to promote sustainability as well as provide a carbon-footprint reducing solution, Swiss joint venture company PrintPlast has launched a few plastic-free options for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) hotel key cards.

Hotel key cards that utilize the latest RFID industry practices enable hotel brands to take value-added measures to be more environmentally friendly. Besides being a green option in sustainability, wooden key cards will also impress hotel guests with their aesthetic appeal, according to

PrintPlast offers a variety of wood material options, such as bamboo, which is durable and ecologically sustainable, and birch, an ultra-flat wood ideal for printing inks and magnetic stripe printing.

Walnut, maple, cherry, beech, sapele are additional, stylish yet natural options. With a handcrafted appearance, every material provides a special touch to a hotel’s key cards.

Hotel brands may choose to engrave on both sides of the product, or to imprint the product using colour ink.

Wooden key cards are available with RFID chip technologies compatible with all major locks and access control systems. This is ideal as security doesn’t have to be compromised in creating sustainable, eco-friendlier solutions.

The alternative is an easy solution when deciding to dedicate to avoiding the prolonged use of plastic key cards (adding to plastic litter and pollution) yet garnering attention and appeal from guests. These sustainable wooden key cards allow hotels and their guests to help stop plastics use while maintaining security, functionality and impressive design.

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