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Oman Air launches revamped Sindbad Loyalty program

Oman Air has revamped its Sindbad Loyalty Program, replacing distance-based miles accrual with spend-based miles accrual.

The overhaul simplifies the way members earn Sindbad miles and attain Sindbad tiers, and offers a more transparent and generous accrual experience.

The new reward system applies to all eligible flights operated by Oman Air, provided flight tickets are issued by Oman Air.

Officially rolled out on September 8, the shift from distance-based accrual to spend-based accrual lets Sindbad members earn four, five and six Sindbad miles per USD spent, for their current tier level — Blue, Silver, and Gold.  

Members can earn additional miles on prepaid baggage, seat assignment, lounge access, and a suite of Primeclass add-ons such as arrival/departure meet and greet services, customs and security fast track services, and more.

CEO Abdulaziz Al Raisi said: “Our revamped Sindbad Loyalty Programme answers current traveller requirements with a more generous accrual model and can scale to meet future needs and evolving loyalty technologies.

“Oman Air has always prioritized innovative products and services for our members and we are proud to be the first national airline in the region to offer a spend-based loyalty programme.”

Vice President Marketing Abdulaziz Al Rashdi said: “Adding a revenue component to the Sindbad programme ensures that our customers enjoy a more realistic mileage earning experience and the best benefits.

“No matter when you book, what class you pay for, what add-ons you purchase, or how many miles you fly, Sindbad rewards you based on the amount you spend.”

There is no change to the number of miles required for Reward tickets, upgrades or add-ons, and Sindbad members will continue to enjoy the same benefits and privileges as before.

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