Wednesday, February 28, 2024

MasterCard launches new T&E consulting services

Mastercard has introduced its new offering, Mastercard T&E Consulting Services, aimed at assisting travel managers and decision-makers in adapting to the changing landscape of business travel.

This move comes in response to the T&E complexities posed by new hybrid work environments, economic pressures, the growing emphasis on sustainability and more.

Mastercard conducted a survey that revealed 86 percent of travel decision-makers agree that the new hybrid work environment has made managing travel and expenses more challenging, and 89 percent report that having more dynamic T&E policies is critical for navigating the future of business travel, it’s evident that re-imagining traditional T&E programs has been brought to the forefront.

The new Mastercard T&E Consulting Services are designed to do that by supporting corporations in building a modern T&E program that keeps up with the changing needs of business travel.

Services include policy and procedure reviews, T&E programme optimization, sustainability optimization, supplier performance assessment and T&E programme implementation.

Chad Wallace, global head of commercial solutions of Mastercard, said: “Global business travel is on the rise, but taking different shape. For corporations navigating hybrid workforces, evolving traveler expectations and shifting organizational priorities, keeping pace with the new set of demands requires a revamped approach to managing T&E programs.

“Mastercard’s new suite of consulting services is among the many ways we are helping corporations to optimize their T&E programs and improve traveler satisfaction by focusing on policy compliance, sustainability optimization, supplier management and programme implementation.”

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