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MakeMyTrip teams up with Zoho to offer travel solutions to business’ across sectors

myBiz, the corporate travel solution from MakeMyTrip, announces its strategic alliance with Zoho, a leading global technology company. This collaboration aims to streamline corporate travel and expense management by offering tailored solutions for businesses across industries and scale, facing different levels of complexities in their travel and expense needs. It will further enrich back-end efficiencies across organizations, enhancing the ease, efficiency, and flexibility with which businesses can manage their travel, expense, and governance needs.

Raj Rishi Singh, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Business Officer – Corporate, MakeMyTrip said, “We believe in understanding and adapting to the unique business travel needs of every organization, ensuring they experience maximum efficiency, control, and convenience throughout the travel-related process. Our partnership with Zoho is a testament to this commitment, offering a streamlined and tech-agile solution from travel requisition to expense management. Together with Zoho, we aim to provide a comprehensive suite that impeccably integrates with existing systems for businesses of all sizes.”

Sivaramakrishnan Iswaran, Global Head, Zoho Finance and Operations Suite said, “Typically, travel is one of the top business expenses for most organizations. Businesses today are increasingly looking for better ways to optimize their travel and its associated expenses. However, they are forced to look at travel as a siloed functional area and manage it separately due to the lack of better tools. At Zoho, we recognize these challenges and offer an integrated suite of business applications. The Zoho Expense and myBiz integration enables us to provide travel management capabilities, making our offerings more comprehensive. This solution offers a seamless experience for businesses while managing their travel and expense (T&E) processes end-to-end, right from managing corporate travel to expense reporting.”

myBiz has solidified its position as one of the top corporate travel management platforms in the country, serving a diverse clientele of over 55,000 active clients across sectors. myBiz takes pride in its flexibility and integration capabilities, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive solution for corporates. By seamlessly integrating with Zoho Expense, an end-to-end employee expense management solution, the T&E processes are streamlined right from travel requisition to expense management, enhancing control, experience, and efficiency throughout every stage of corporate travel. This commitment to deep integration offers a unified solution that covers all aspects of the clients’ needs.

Businesses using this integration can initiate travel requests seamlessly from Zoho Expense, allowing travelers to select their flights and hotels as per their preference while adhering to the company policy. These requests will be routed for approval. Once approved, myBiz takes over, handling booking and payment management to simplify the entire process.

The corporate landscape is as varied as the needs of the companies it comprises. Some businesses require simple expense solutions, while others demand more complex SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings and prepaid/credit card options etc. myBiz has developed customized solutions that empower businesses across industries and scale to optimize these processes.

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