Saturday, July 2, 2022

Kickstart your wellness journey with Cathay’s premier health coverage

Cathay will dive into the wellness space with the launch of Cathay’s wellness journey. Cathay is launching a strategic wellness and insurance collaboration with Cigna Hong Kong with the exclusive Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan – the only insurance product where members can directly earn and use miles when purchasing through Cathay.

Cathay and Cigna share respective visions to help Hong Kong people enhance their health and wellbeing. Both Asia Miles members’ voice survey by Cathay, and the Cigna 360 Well-Being survey have recently highlighted the importance of health and wellbeing for the Hong Kong population, who may find it difficult to prioritise their wellbeing in their busy lives.

The Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan offers comprehensive protection whilst rewarding members for being healthy. The plan will enable members to purchase three more Cigna products through the Cathay website, allowing them to earn and spend miles on their health protection purchases.

Cathay is also excited to open a new frontier of health and wellness for members by launching our new virtual health companion in the Cathay lifestyle app. Cathay’s wellness journey rewards Hong Kong-based Marco Polo Club and Asia Miles members with miles as they take steps towards sustainable, better health. Members can now earn miles every day by completing daily wellness goals – without the need to spend a dollar. In addition, members insured under any of the four Cigna health plans can earn 5x miles on Cathay’s wellness journey when completing their daily wellness goals on the Cathay app.

Cathay Director Customer Lifestyle Paul Smitton said: “At Cathay, we are ultimately trusted to help people move forward in life. With wellness, we aim to empower our members to make the most of what lies ahead and move beyond what they previously thought possible. Embarking upon an uplifting wellness journey can be challenging. We wish to help our members by encouraging and rewarding positive lifestyle habits that will lead to a better quality of life and health outcomes.  With our new virtual companion, we aim to remove the obstacles they face as they make efforts to elevate their lives.’’

Jonathan Spiers, Chief Executive Officer of Cigna Hong Kong, said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness of the importance of health care protection, and has resulted in greater focus on overall physical and mental wellbeing. As a global health service leader, Cigna Hong Kong is delighted to collaborate with Cathay to launch the Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan, providing comprehensive health plans with flexible coverage options that are tailored to support the diverse wellness needs of Cathay customers. The health plans will help customers better protect themselves, offering peace of mind in unpredictable times.”

With the exclusive ability for members to earn miles directly when purchasing exclusive Cigna insurance products via the Cathay website – as well as the opportunity for all Hong Kong members to earn daily miles on Cathay’s wellness journey when elevating daily habits – there are exciting new ways for members to get closer to their next flight, staycation, dining at partner restaurants or purchase from the online shop at Cathay whilst taking a proactive approach to their health and wellbeing.

The Cathay Wellness Journey
Cathay’s wellness journey is a new and innovative feature within the Cathay app that’s powered by Sprout Wellness Solutions and designed to make developing daily exercise, healthy eating and mindful habits more rewarding.

Each registered user1 receives a personal Health Score, which is calculated based on a combination of self-reported health survey responses and health data captured through connected wearable devices and manual activity tracking. Based on their Health Score and account status, members can enjoy exclusive offers, and engaging high-quality health and wellness tips from experts to help them on their journey. Users can also opt to receive healthy behaviour reminders and connect their wearable devices to the wellness journey allowing seamless activity tracking and encouragement as members improve healthy habits and reach their health goals.

Members can earn up to 7 miles per day by completing six daily goals to improve aspects of their mind, body and diet – such as achieving 10,000 steps a day, doing 20 minutes of yoga, eating enough fruit and vegetables, getting a good night’s sleep of at least 7 hours, and more – all without spending a dollar.

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