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GCC Outbound travel leaders converge at Aviareps Dubai event

More than 130 key travel industry professionals, media and travel influencers attended the Dubai leg of Aviareps Middle East Travel Caravan 2023, which brought together leading international travel brands and destinations under one roof.

The participants converged to engage with key outbound travel agencies and meeting and conferencing professionals from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, fostering one-on-one interactions aimed at creating tailored travel packages, itineraries, and events for 2023/ 2024, designed exclusively for travelers based in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Aviareps is a global leader and expert in growing and developing outbound tourism, aviation and hospitality demand, with a portfolio of more than 100 airlines and 250 travel and tourism clients worldwide.

The 2023 edition of the Aviareps Caravan featured 27 international partners, including The Royal Commission for AlUla, The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, Malta Tourism Authority, Visit Hungary, Visit California, Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, Trnava Regional Tourism Board, Galeria Canalejas, Sunway Hotel & Resorts, Al Riyadh, and a select collection of international hospitality brands, airlines and destination management companies.

Glenn Johnston, Vice President Middle East & Global Public Affairs, Aviareps said: “We look ahead with optimism and excitement as we work with our partners and travel trade affiliates to redefine travel and craft journeys that captivate the imaginations of Gulf travelers while setting new standards for responsible and enriching exploration and experiences.”

Johnston added: “Luxury travel continues to thrive, with travelers from the Gulf countries showing an increasing appetite for bespoke experiences that cater to their discerning tastes. Our focus remains on crafting journeys that blend opulence with authenticity, providing travelers with exclusive access to hidden gems, and natural and cultural treasures around the world.”

The Riyadh event of Aviareps Middle East Travel Caravan was held on September 13 and drew an equally substantial interest.

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