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Dubai Customs handles 46.87m bags in 2023

Dubai welcomed a record number of 17.15 million international visitors in 2023. While the vibrant city’s airports were busy welcoming these passengers, Dubai Customs quietly handled 46.87 million bags belonging to them in the year.

Dubai Customs plays a vital role in boosting the thriving tourism scene in Dubai, achieving an outstanding performance in the sector. 

Over the past year, Dubai Customs handled a total of 46,870,957 bags arriving on 206,396 flights in Dubai. This translates to Dubai Customs managing 128,400 bags daily. 

The focus is on ensuring traveler satisfaction and enhancing their experience, says Dubai Customs. Behind this impressive effort are over 845 inspection officers in the Passenger Operations Department, supported by 77 baggage inspection devices. These include 58 devices for inspecting large bags and 19 devices for handheld bags, said Dubai Customs.

The government department is dedicated to ensuring top-notch reception for travelers, elevating the services offered to them, and showcasing the sophisticated image of the UAE, particularly Dubai. This further solidifies Dubai’s reputation as a global hub for both tourism and business.

Represented by the Passenger Operations Department, Dubai Customs is instrumental in facilitating the seamless flow of travelers at Dubai airports. The department leverages a suite of traveler-friendly facilities, including the development of intelligent systems for luggage disclosure before arrival in the country via Dubai airports. Moreover, it outfits the airports with cutting-edge inspection and screening devices, ensuring a hassle-free experience for passengers.

Ibrahim Al Kamali, Director of Passenger Operations at Dubai Customs, emphasized the vital role the department plays in ensuring the satisfaction of travelers arriving at Dubai airports and streamlining their customs procedures. As part of an advanced plan within the customs inspection sector, the department is committed to implementing cutting-edge systems for travelers, utilizing artificial intelligence and modern technologies. The recently introduced “iDeclare,” app compatible with all smart devices, allows arriving passengers to disclose their luggage and personal belongings before their actual arrival, reducing customs processing time through the red channel to less than 4 minutes.

Peak Season Preparations

Khaled Ahmed, Senior Manager of Airport Terminal 1 at the Passenger Operations Department, highlighted Dubai Customs’ meticulous preparations to expedite procedures for travelers during peak seasons at Dubai International Airport. These high-traffic periods include the Hajj season, holidays, winter, and New Year’s celebrations. Dubai attracts a significant number of visitors year-round for its diverse atmosphere and events. 

The Passenger Operations Department at Dubai Customs has implemented an action plan to ensure the utmost efficiency and quality in customs services for tourists and travelers. Daily meetings and coordination with strategic partners, including Dubai Airports, Emirates Airlines, and other carriers, are integral to the plan, along with an increase in the number of inspectors during these busy periods, he said.

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