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Ajman Tourism organizes tour of the Emirates check-in facility in Ajman

The Ajman Department of Tourism Development recently organized an introductory tour of the newly launched Emirates check-in facility in the city of Ajman. The tour was attended by representatives from the hotel establishments and travel and tourism agencies operating in the city.

Throughout the tour, the participants were introduced to the services offered at the Emirates check-in facility which will facilitate the process of booking and traveling for its customers, clear their boarding procedures, and improve the overall experience for tourists and travelers.

The importance of this tour comes as part of the Ajman Tourism’s efforts to enhance the concept of collaboration between the private and public sectors, which is considered as a primary factor for the sustainability of the economic and tourism sectors, and the overall development of the emirate.

With regards to the visit, Khadija Turki, Acting Director General of Ajman Tourism, said that the airline companies play an important role in promoting tourism across the world by offering easy, comfortable, and trusted travel choices; and for that, this visit and tour aims to introduce the list of services offered by the Emirates facility in Ajman in order to boost the tourism development in the emirate.

Turki praised the efforts invested by the Ajman Transport Authority to make this introductory tour a success as well as the fruitful collaboration with Emirates Airline. She also indicated that the participation of representatives from the public and private sectors in the introductory tour affirms their desire to significantly contribute to the development of the tourism sector in the emirate.

For his part, Eng. Sami Ali Al Jallaf, Acting General Manager of the Ajman Transport Authority, stated that: “As part of its plans to develop the transportation services in the emirate of Ajman in a way that reflects its outstanding directions and futuristic vision for the public transport sector, the Ajman Transport Authority is taking solid steps towards organizing international transportation through transport agencies in line with the objectives and strategic goals of the authority, and for providing a distinguished service and maximum comfort for all locals and residents who use public transportation as their daily commute. This sector plays a vital role in boosting economic development, enhances the quality of the services provided, and helps in achieving the highest standards in security, safety, and comfort for the customers.

Al Jallaf added that the Transport Authority is working with a number of strategic partners, led by Emirates Airline, to expand and develop new transport routes where the Dubai airport would be its final destination, in order to serve the passengers on Emirates Airline with a number of public transport buses that are fully-equipped with the latest safety and comfort equipment and adheres to all international safety standards.

Al Jallaf also confirmed that this step comes as part of many plans that aim to facilitate the travel procedures for public transport users and customers wishing to travel on Emirates Airline through its centre located at the Ajman Main Transportation Station on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, check the Covid-19 regulations for their destination, receive their boarding passes, and use one of the Ajman Transport Authority buses to transport them to the Dubai International Airport. As soon as the customer arrives at Terminal 3, he will check-in his baggage at a designated area and proceed directly to the immigration offices and security check, all of which will ensure a smooth transition across the airport. Plans are currently being set to integrate the baggage check-in procedures at the new facility in Ajman.

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