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TRYP by Wyndham unveils its fresh new look “Powered by the City” for EMEA 

TRYP by Wyndham is rolling out a fresh new look and feel for its portfolio of hotels across EMEA. Rooted in a deep understanding of today’s traveller needs, the new guidelines, crafted by the Company’s expert in-house design team, addresses the evolving demands of modern hospitality and offer creative direction for both new builds and refurbishments.

The redesigned concept draws inspiration from TRYP by Wyndham’s core ethos and motto, ‘powered by the city,’ offering guests delightful and cozy accommodations as they deeply engage with the surrounding community and its culture. Each hotel’s interior design will reflect the unique character of its location, fostering a deeper connection between guests and the surrounding community. By incorporating interior design elements that celebrate local businesses, tourist attractions, and opportunities for guests to support the community through local vendors, TRYP by Wyndham is committed to creating memorable experiences that enrich both travellers and the destinations they explore.

“TRYP by Wyndham is one of the leading stylish and design led hospitality brands. Our refreshed contemporary identity empowers owners with affordable updates, while preserving each property’s distinct character. Across EMEA, revitalized TRYP by Wyndham hotels invite guests to enjoy authentic local experiences for a memorable stay,” said Dimitris Manikis, President for EMEA of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.

Elevating Experiences: Unveiling the New TRYP by Wyndham Hotels for Today’s Travelers

Vibrant Spaces and Captivating Designs

In response to today’s guests’ desire for brand engagement, the new designs showcase a revitalized colour scheme, infusing corridors with bold, dark hues complemented by captivating lifestyle imagery influenced by local culture and location. Enlivened by a vibrant lobby and contemporary furnishings, these designs are curated to immerse guests in a memorable experience. Wyndham Hotel & Resorts is committed to collaborating closely with developers to embed special details throughout each hotel that not only surprise and delight customers but also encourage them to actively engage with the brand on social media platforms.

Next-Level Comfort: Redefining Room Features

Experience the seamless blend of comfort and style in the newly redesigned rooms at TRYP by Wyndham. From brand-new fixtures to thoughtful feature lighting and open wardrobes, the aim is to evoke a cozy feeling of home for travellers who like to make memories on the move. Whether guests are traveling with loved ones or solo, the room options cater to their needs, offering a range of choices including sofa beds, bunk beds, and larger headboards that serve dual purposes. The priority remains the comfort and convenience of guests, ensuring that their stay feels like a personalized retreat.

Social Central: Where Function Meets Fun

The latest design guidelines are revolutionising the guest experience, ensuring that every inch of the hotel is optimised for maximum enjoyment. Whether catching up with friends, tackling work tasks, or simply unwinding, guests can discover a space that perfectly fits their needs. From versatile public zones that seamlessly adapt throughout the day to refreshed bar spaces serving as lively social hubs, the hotels are designed to enhance every aspect of the guest stay. With added comforts like chairs, desks, and Wi-Fi, TRYP by Wyndham hotels are not just places to stay but vibrant spaces where guests can work, play, and connect with ease.

Enhancing Your Stay: Culinary Delights and Wellness Amenities

As part of the brand refresh, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts is revamping its food and beverage offerings in collaboration with partners across EMEA. New menus will feature a diverse selection of all-day dining options, featuring contemporary sharing plates that blend local flavours with international favourites.

Tapping into the growing demand for enhanced amenities and guest well-being, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts will be also investing in feature stretch zones and modern fitness equipment for guests to use at any time of the day. These additions provide opportunities for relaxation and physical activity, ensuring a well-rounded experience for guests.

TRYP by Wyndham hotels participate in Wyndham Rewards®, Wyndham’s award-winning hotel loyalty programme that offers more than 108 million registered members the opportunity to redeem points at thousands of hotels, holiday clubs and holiday rentals worldwide.

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