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Our Habitas to set up three new hotel properties in NEOM

Global sustainable hospitality brand Our Habitas has reached an agreement with the developer of Saudi futuristic city NEOM, to launch three new hotel properties within the mega development along the Red Sea. 

Located in Leyja, the latest sustainable tourism destination at NEOM in northwest Saudi Arabia, the three Our Habitas homes will offer an unparalleled journey for guests seeking to experience adventure, celebrate nature and explore innovative wellness practices.

Designed by world-leading architects, these homes will feature 120 rooms and suites split equally across the three properties, each offering differentiated experiences while taking guests on one integrated journey of human transformation through disconnection and reconnection.

Bringing to life Leyja’s luxury eco-tourism vision, the destination has been developed within a natural wadi and carved between 400m-high mountains that have been crafted over long centuries by the power of nature and water.

Starting from the Gulf of Aqaba coast and winding inland, Leyja guests will walk from the destination’s experience centre to each property, allowing them to take in the dramatic landscape – with the first home approximately 2.8km from the entrance, said the hospitaality brand.

The design for the Home of Adventure traces the topography of the wadi and forms an out-of-this-world appearance, allowing guests to seamlessly embrace rock climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, and multi-day treks.

Situated further into the wadi, the Oasis is a property that naturally rises alongside the mountains, symbolizing the livable balance between natural protection and strategic innovation. Oasis will indulge guests with stargazing rituals and culinary delights, including a Chef in Residence programme, sad the statement.

The final hotel within Leyja will be a restorative retreat for guests. A highly reflective piece of architecture, the Home of Wellness mirrors the extraordinary landscape surrounding it. The property will play host to global longevity experts while blending innovative wellness practices with ancient rituals, it added.

Our Habitas Co-Founder and CEO Oliver Ripley said: “This project is truly unique and visionary. The natural beauty is otherworldly, the architecture and design remarkable and the experience will offer our community an ever-deeper journey of discovery and transformation; both of themselves and their connection to the natural world around them. We are honored to have this opportunity.”

Chris Newman, Executive Director of NEOM Hotel Division, said: “Our Habitas successfully pushes the traditional limits of hospitality and offers inclusive experiences that engages guests’ imagination. This approach truly resonates with our ambition to be a catalyst for change in our industry.”

“Visitors to Leyja can expect to be enchanted by Habitas with a personalized experience, supported by the wider NEOM tourism infrastructure,” stated Newman.

“Guests are encouraged to experience each of the three homes as part of a journey to the region, immersing themselves in a distinctive resort whilst also having the opportunity to embrace the entire valley as a collective space – a unique place where the future meets history and technology meets humanity,” he added.

 Jeremy Lester, NEOM Executive Director of Gulf of Aqaba, said: “Leyja effortlessly blends natural and developed landscapes innovatively and sustainably, aligned with NEOM’s broader commitment to conservation.”

“Our Habitas’ thoughtfully curated hotel experience promises serenity, escape, and adventure, set amongst the area’s stunning natural beauty,” he added.

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