Friday, December 1, 2023

Hotel Indigo rolls out ‘Neighbourhood Hotel’ campaign

Hotel Indigo, part of IHG’s Luxury & Lifestyle portfolio, and located in the heart of Dubai’s Business Bay, has launched its newest international marketing campaign that is rooted to the concept of ‘local neighborhood’ and the role it plays in the choice of hotels.

The campaign, ‘The World’s Neighbourhood Hotel’ reflects the brand’s long-held belief that when you see the world through the neighborhood, the neighbourhood changes your world.

A Hotel Indigo brand survey involving 1,000 travelers aged between 25 and 44 years across six countries reveals that 73 per cent of travelers feel it is important for a hotel to be connected to the local neighbourhood as it may inspire more adventurous activities, the desire to try new things, and meet new people.

The international survey also unveils the impact immersive travel has on the travelers’ perspective of the world, with 1 in 2 UAE-based travelers (52 per cent) having a relook at their life’s trajectory on returning home from a trip, and 88 per cent making major life changes from their experiences on a trip.

Hotel Indigo’s The World’s Neighbourhood Hotel is a testament to this perspective – because when you stay at a Hotel Indigo, you don’t just visit a place – you fully immerse yourself in it – and then you take a little bit of it home with you, said a statement.

Officially rolling out this month in a phased approach globally, Hotel Indigo’s The World’s Neighbourhood Hotel will help guests discover or rediscover some of the most inspiring and culturally rich neighborhoods in and around the hotel.

Additional insights from UAE-respondents show that 93 per cent of UAE-based travelers are more likely to take risks when they are traveling, in a staggering display of travel’s impact on our confidence, curiosity, and comfort levels. Of the 93 per cent, 53 per cent admitted to having tried new cuisines, 35 per cent were more likely to strike up a conversation with a stranger, and 28 per cent have altered their appearance with a new tattoo, piercing, or haircut – underscoring the evocative nature of immersive travel and the ways in which it propels us into new experiences.

Of particular interest was the influence of local cultures and experiences, with nearly nine in 10 travelers (87 per cent) saying staying at a hotel connected to the local neighborhood was important to them, and 65 per cent recalling changing their travel plans based on a recommendation from a local. Interestingly, a whopping 42 per cent of these travelers have even fallen in love with a local they initially met on a trip, showcasing just how important it can be to engage with the native surroundings when traveling.

Commenting on the survey, Haitham Mattar, Managing Director IHG Hotels & Resorts India, Middle East and Africa said: “The results are a testament to the importance of providing unique hotel stay experiences that embrace the culture of a property’s local destination. We host travelers who are curious and eager to experience something new, which creates an opportunity for us to support their exploration and appreciation of new cities, cuisines, cultures, and languages.

“It’s especially significant that UAE travelers are so eager to engage with local communities, as shown by the numbers, and is a reminder to the hospitality industry that immersive travel experiences are incredibly impactful, often leaving long-lasting impressions that can change guests’ lives forever,” he said.

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