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Sabre launches AI solution for lodging sector

Sabre Corporation, a leading software and technology provider powering the global travel industry, has announced the availability of Lodging AI, marking the introduction of its Sabre Travel AI capabilities in the lodging sector and enhancing the power of content services for lodging.  

Lodging AI can help travel agencies improve hotel attachment rates, creating additional revenue opportunities and providing travellers with more personalised lodging options. Using Sabre Travel AI machine learning models, the new lodging capability analyses property attributes, customer trip segmentation, and traveller and agency preferences to generate custom lodging options and serve up properties that are most likely to be booked.

“Artificial intelligence combined with data and insights, such as profiles and preferences, is a very powerful tool in removing friction from the travel booking process,” said Sabre Chief Product Officer Garry Wiseman. “As the next evolution of intelligent retailing capabilities supported through our strategic partnership with Google, Lodging AI brings more personalized results to enable agents to be more efficient in their workflows and to ensure travelers obtain the most relevant options available.”

The first two micro-services of Lodging AI are now available, with additional use cases to be added in the future.

• Alternative properties: During the shopping phase, if a specifically requested property is not available, this micro-service of Lodging AI facilitates lodging bookings by presenting up to 20 relevant options with similar characteristics. 

• Cross-sell: This micro-service identifies appropriate air bookings or itineraries without lodging attached and presents suitable lodging options to complete the trip. 

Available via Content Services for Lodging APIs and Sabre Red 360, Lodging AI will help enable Sabre customers to increase traveler value by offering relevant lodging options to accompany the air travel booking and help drive profitability by capturing a greater share of wallet. Corporate travel managers may also see improved duty of care and reporting with more trip components inside a PNR. Travelers can benefit through access to more customised options based on their needs and preferences, said Sabre.

“Ultragroup acknowledges Sabre as a leading partner in travel technology. Their consistent drive for innovation has been instrumental in transforming our company and the services we offer,” said CEO and Co-Founder of Ultra Group Andres Pelaez. “In our ongoing collaboration with Sabre, we are gearing up to introduce new AI integrations and we are implementing hotel suggestions based on flight itineraries for a cross-selling experience. Furthermore, we will present alternative accommodation suggestions based on user search parameters and preferences when certain accommodations are unavailable. These AI-driven tools are poised to substantially enhance efficiency and the customer experience across all our business platforms.”  Created by Sabre and utilising Google technology as part of the two companies’ 10-year strategic partnership, Sabre Travel AI leverages state-of-the-art AI technology and advanced machine-learning capabilities from Google. Sabre is integrating this proprietary intelligent technology into existing and new solutions to help customers to deliver highly relevant and personalized content more quickly and create expanded revenue and growth opportunities. 

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