Friday, December 8, 2023

Air India selects Sabre GDS to distribute its domestic flight content

Sabre Corporation and Air India, India’s leading global airline and a Star Alliance member, have signed an enhanced distribution deal that builds upon their partnership announced in April 2023.    

Under the augmented agreement, travel agencies in India will have access to Air India’s expansive domestic content through the Sabre Global Distribution System (GDS) from 1 January 2024, offering Indian travel buyers an expanded portfolio of fares and seats to better serve their customers. Air India also has the added ability to distribute New Distribution Capability (NDC) content globally through Sabre’s travel marketplace in the future.  

Earlier this year, the two companies signed a new distribution deal that provided travel buyers globally with access to Air India content through Sabre’s travel marketplace. That agreement gave travel agencies outside of India access to Air India’s domestic and international flight options, while agencies within India could shop for international fares. That agreement has now been expanded to include the carrier’s domestic content for points of sale within India.   

“India is already one of the largest domestic aviation markets in the world, and all the building blocks are in place for significant future growth. One of our key priorities is to work with the right technology partners to capitalize on these growth opportunities as we forge ahead with our transformation efforts,” said Nipun Aggarwal, Chief Commercial & Transformation Officer, Air India. 

“Our collaboration with Sabre has already proven successful, which aligns perfectly with our commitment to offering convenient and accessible travel options to our guests. By joining forces with Sabre to distribute our domestic content to our domestic India market, we are further enabling travelers to explore the diverse destinations that Air India’s domestic network covers and, to travel seamlessly abroad.”   

For Sabre, this enhanced alliance further expands its footprint in the increasingly important Indian travel market, while enhancing content for travel agents, and enabling Air India to widen its reach. Air India’s comprehensive domestic network spans the length and breadth of India, connecting major cities, popular tourist destinations, and business hubs. Adding domestic content into Sabre’s GDS means Sabre-connected travel agents in India will be able to effortlessly access and book Air India flights alongside other global carriers, facilitating multi-carrier itineraries and ensuring a more seamless experience for travelers.    

“We’re thrilled that our relationship with Air India continues to gain in strength and momentum,” said Roshan Mendis, Chief Commercial Officer, Sabre. “Air India has incredibly ambitious expansion plans, and adding its domestic content to our global travel marketplace will enable the carrier to broaden its distribution strategy, expand geographic reach, and enhance revenue opportunities in one of the world’s fastest-growing aviation markets. Bringing Air India’s domestic content into our GDS reflects our dedication to empowering travel agents with rich content and enhances the value we bring to our customers.”    

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