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Streamlined digital solution for new arrivals in Mauritius

Mauritius has launched a new streamlined digital solution to help visitors navigate their travel document requirements with ease.

Ever since Mauritius began re-opening its borders earlier this year, arrivals to the Indian Ocean island nation have had to fill in no fewer than five official forms before landing, including three documents relating to Covid-19 regulations.

In addition to the existing Disembarkation card and Health Declaration form, incoming passengers also have to each fill in the Public Health Passenger Locator form, the Public Health Covid-19 Passenger Self-Declaration form and the Covid-19 Laboratory Request form.

The Mauritian government launched the Mauritius All in One Form project on October 8 to make the whole process simpler for travelers. Now passengers can fill out just one form and their details will be automatically and seamlessly used to fill out the necessary documents.

Travelers will have to fill in the personal details such as their flight number, date and time of arrival and place of embarkation. They will then receive a PDF of the completed forms, which they can print and sign, as well as a PDF to retain for their own records containing all the information they have submitted. This can all be done before the traveler even gets to the airport.

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