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Sporting events contribute $2.4bn to Dubai economy

Sport activities have contributed AED9 billion ($2.4 billion) to the gross domestic product (GDP) of the Emirate of Dubai, amounting to 2.3 per cent of its total GDP, a report said. 

The report, prepared by Dubai Sports Council through an international house of expertise, highlights the continuous sports development in the fields of the organization of sports events / sports industry / increase of the numbers of participants and fans of multi-nationalities in events and championships / development of sports tourism. The year 2022 witnessed a significant increase in the numbers of annual sports events and included 103 international events and championships.

Major among the events are: the World Padel Championship, the biggest of its kind in the history of this world competition; Dubai World Golf Championship, the biggest of its kind in terms of tours, number of participants and value of prizes; the World Tennis League, which has been launched from Dubai and its first edition was held with participation of an elite list of players; two tours of the World Beach Volleyball Championship; the 11th Emirates Intercontinental Beach Soccer Cup; Dubai Super Cup, which took place at Al-Maktoum Stadium in Al-Nasr Club with participation of Liverpool and Arsenal from England, AC Milan of Italy and Lyon of France.

The year of 2022 witnessed an increase to 700 the number of registered companies specialized in the field of the organization of sports events and training camps.  

The number of various sports academies have also increased to 400, while the number of gym centres and specialised physical fitness centres increased to 400 for each. The number of clubs in Dubai rose to 100, the report said.  

Increase of International Training Camps

The year 2022 witnessed a significant increase in the number of training camps, which were held in  Dubai throughout the year by clubs, national teams and Olympic and sports champions. In this regard, the emirate hosted more than 120 international training camps, held at Hamdan Sports Complex, Nad Al Sheba Sports Complex and the stadiums and pitches of many of Dubai clubs and resorts, which are all well-equipped as per top international standards and they have therefore become as annual favorite destinations for several world clubs and national teams to organise training camps.

Sports Championships and Tourism:

The year of 2022 also witnessed an increase in the number of athletes and fans of multi-nationalities who arrived in Dubai from the different continents of the world. In this respect, various championships and events were held with participation of the more than 31,000 athletes and in the presence of 713,000 spectators and fans of multi-nationalities, most of them arrived from overseas. 165 local events were held with participation of 1.77 million people from 200 nationalities and in the presence of 220,000 fans, which represents an important addition to the sports tourism sector.

Dubai also hosted 12 sports conferences and exhibitions, top of which were the 17th Dubai International Sports Conference and the Globe Soccer Award, which were held in prestigious presence of top world football stars. This event witnessed the historical reconciliation between Mohammed Salah and Sergio Ramos.

58 women events were organized, with a percentage of more than one event per week. Respective bodies organized 31 esports competitions, taking into account that the esport is witnessing remarkable development and distinguished participation of world athletes and corporates from overseas.  

Dubai Sports Council organized 62 various sports events and rounds of international championships for professional and amateur athletes during 2022. 

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