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NEOM unveils new Saudi luxury eco-tourism destination

NEOM, the sustainable regional development taking shape in northwest Saudi Arabia, has launched Zardun, an exclusive sanctuary resort overlooking the crystalline waters of Gulf of Aqaba. 

Announcing the unique destination, NEOM’s Board of Directors said with this launch, luxury ecotourism in Saudi Arabia has taken a major step forward. The latest in a series of coastal assets that form part of the ongoing development taking place across the region, Zardun has been designed to seamlessly blend contemporary luxury with nature, they stated.

Overlooking the crystalline waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, Zardun is a nature-based resort that will host four ultra-luxury signature buildings, all of which will merge harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. Intended to redefine luxury within an environmental context, Zardun aims to offer the ultimate premium ecotourism experience for discerning guests, said NEOM in its statement.

Spanning over 4sq km, Zardun will be a carefully restored haven filled with native plants and animals. Stretching down from the mountains to the seashore, its breathtaking beauty will be experienced on arrival by visitors at its state-of-the-art experience center, which includes a 360-degree observation deck.

Zardun will comprise three distinct and luxurious boutique hotels, offering in total 100 rooms and suites, all of which are informed by a vision of a more sustainable future within this newly restored environment, it stated. 

Each hotel will have a different theme so that guests can enjoy an array of experiences that take in amazing views down a stunning valley and out over the sea.

According to NEOM, Zardun will offer trekking, mountain biking, rock climbing and a variety of other sports and leisure pursuits, including stargazing, meditation and yoga. In addition, guests will be invited to join in educational and field programmes on nature protection, conservation and re-wilding, it stated.

Zardun’s sustainability strategy encompasses all aspects of environmental stewardship and will include the creation of a series of oases to support diverse habitats. These life-giving water sources will facilitate the re-introduction and nurturing of native animals, tree and plant species. 

Along its coast, Zardun will support a vibrant ecosystem, including the conservation of coral reefs and other marine life in the Gulf of Aqaba, emphasizing NEOM’s continuing commitment to environmental preservation, said the developer.

The latest asset to be announced by NEOM, Zardun joins Leyja, Epicon, Siranna, Utamo, Norlana and Aquellum developments as sustainable tourism destinations within the Gulf of Aqaba, it added.-

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