Monday, May 29, 2023

Azerbaijan drops COVID passport requirements

Foreign citizens entering Azerbaijan will no longer need to present a COVID passport for entry. The decision was made in recognition of the declining number of COVID-19 cases, and is expected to make travel easier for those wishing to visit Azerbaijan.

Travelers to Azerbaijan are still advised to follow all recommended health guidelines for their own safety. The government also encourages visitors to get vaccinated before traveling, but this is no longer a requirement for entry.

Azerbaijan has been successful in managing the COVID-19 pandemic, with a low number of cases and a high vaccination rate. The government has implemented a number of measures to control the spread of the virus, including lockdowns and mandatory mask-wearing in public spaces.

This decision to no longer require COVID passports is a positive step forward for Azerbaijan’s tourism industry. Azerbaijan has been investing heavily in its tourism industry in recent years, with the goal of becoming a leading travel destination in the region. The needs of today’s travelers are met by the availability of a wide range of modern amenities, such as world-class hotels, restaurants, and shopping centres.

The country boasts a wealth of attractions, including the UNESCO-listed Old City of

Baku, the Caucasus Mountains, the Caspian Sea, and the ancient Silk Road. The focus on the development of local wine industry established Azerbaijan as one of the thriving viticultural centres in the region.

To celebrate its contribution in promoting viticulture, winemaking, and wine tourism, ATB has been granted with a number of prizes by the Council of Europe and the European Institute of Cultural Routes.

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