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Zayed International Airport revolutionizes passenger experience with IDEMIA

In a landmark achievement for air travel technology, Zayed International Airport has successfully processed over one million passengers through Abu Dhabi’s new terminal since its inauguration on November 15, 2023. This marks a significant milestone in the journey towards enhanced travel efficiency and security, showcasing the power of cutting-edge biometric technology.

Building on a long-term commitment to advancing airport capabilities, IDEMIA has been at the forefront of innovation in the UAE since 2011. The deployment of a comprehensive border management solution at Abu Dhabi Airport, featuring the world’s first multi-biometric entry/exit system, has significantly bolstered border security while simultaneously enhancing the passenger experience and throughput. The success of this groundbreaking project has led to its extension to the country’s four other international airports.

The Single Token Journey (STJ) solution, a highlight of this collaboration, employs advanced facial recognition technology to streamline the passenger experience. By assigning a unique digital identifier to every traveler, the STJ solution eliminates the need for multiple documents, enabling passengers to move from curb to gate, including the border clearance step, in a record time of just 12 minutes.

Elena Sorlini, MD and CEO, Zayed International Airport said: “The initial rollout of cutting-edge biometrics at Zayed International Airport underscores our dedication to enhancing airport experiences through innovation and technology, ensuring efficiency, convenience, and superior service. Once fully implemented, Abu Dhabi will pioneer as the world’s first airport with biometrics integrated at every stage, ensuring travelers enjoy a seamless, safe, and secure journey.”

Osama Al Makhamreh, Vice President, Sales – Middle East & Africa, IDEMIA Public Security commented on this achievement: “We are thrilled to witness the transformative impact of our biometric solutions at Zayed International Airport’s new terminal. This milestone is not just a testament to our successful collaboration with Zayed International Airport but also a clear indicator of our commitment to enhancing the travel experience through innovation. The processing of over one million passengers since November is a significant achievement for us, and it underscores the scalability, security, and efficiency of the STJ solution. Together, we are setting a new global standard for passenger facilitation.”

This innovative approach not only enhances security but significantly improves the overall passenger experience. The success of the STJ solution at Zayed International Airport marks a pioneering step towards transforming air travel across the Middle East and potentially the world.

The initiative aligns with Zayed International Airport’s commitment to adopting cutting-edge technologies that streamline the travel process, reinforcing the UAE’s position as a leading hub for technological advancement and superior passenger facilitation.

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