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Singapore Airlines opens lab for innovations in Aviation

Singapore Airlines has joined forces with the National University of Singapore (NUS) to launch a corporate laboratory aimed at accelerating digital transformation in aviation.

The lab, which will be based at the university, is being described as a £24 million “research facility to develop cutting-edge solutions in traveler-centric digital services, revenue management, security and safety in air travel and organizational effectiveness.”

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has worked with NUS since 2018 when the carrier unveiled its Digital Innovation Blueprint and signed two memorandums of understanding naming the university acting as its knowledge partner.

Tan Eng Chye, president professor at NUS, says: “This significant collaboration will tap into NUS’ deep-tech and multi-disciplinary research expertise across artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data science, operations research and analytics, optimization, sleep studies and industrial design, to deliver high value and productivity improvements for SIA, our country’s flagship carrier. The innovative technologies developed from the research will redefine the air travel experience for passengers worldwide, while accelerating the digital transformation of Singapore’s aviation sector.”

The lab will launch research initiatives in four areas including revenue management where the plan is to “develop a new approach to design optimal price tiers for air tickets and manage seat inventory.”

The facility will also use augmented and virtual reality as well as eye-tracking and post-flight-review technologies to develop pilot and crew training programs.

Improving the passenger experience is also a big focus for the lab, with “real environment simulators” being developed to boost traveler comfort and create new products and services.

Goh Choon Phong, CEO of SIA, says: “By bringing together NUS’ wealth of research expertise and SIA’s knowledge and experience in the aviation sector, this Corporate Laboratory will strengthen our position at the forefront of digital innovation in the airline industry. It will lead to even more innovative solutions that can enhance the customer experience and travel journey, optimize revenue generation, and increase operational efficiency.”

This is not the SIA’s first lab project; the carrier launched KrisLab, a digital innovation space for employees, at the beginning of 2019.

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