Monday, January 30, 2023

RoyalJet plans match day luxury flights to Doha

RoyalJet Abu Dhabi, an award-winning global leader in premium private aviation, has announced match day flights to Doha for football enthusiasts to fly with comfort, style, and luxury, at their convenience during November and December to watch the World Cup matches.

Keeping in mind the massive surge in demand for flights to Doha towards the end of the year, the premium private carrier has launched these flights for football fans to not only provide for the high demand but also allow fans to travel at their convenient times on match days and return the same day if they wish, RoyalJet said.

Corporates are welcome to take these private premium flights and enjoy the most happening sporting event together with their colleagues and clients alike. 

Mohammed Husain Ahmed, CEO of RoyalJet said: “We have seen a substantial rise in demand for travel this year, especially when it comes to short haul flights across the GCC. Covid-19 restrictions have eased up and gatherings and global sporting events are now back in action, with the biggest one happening towards the end of this year. We really want to facilitate people to travel to Doha to enjoy and celebrate the event with their friends and families and there is no better way to do this than fly private with your loved ones and create some beautiful memories together. We, therefore, decided to launch match day flights to cater to our football fans who prefer to fly private, and we are confident of a wonderful response to this.”

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