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New systems to improve operational efficiency at Sharjah Airport

The Sharjah Airport Authority has started implementing the ‘Passenger Flow and Queue Management’ system, which enhances efficiency in daily operations for check-in, security and passport checks; as well as the ‘Automated Verification of the Boarding Pass’ system, which enhances security levels, speeds-up the completion of passenger procedures and increases the airport’s capacity.

The Passenger Flow and Queue Management system is a mix of infrastructure, technology and procedures that include the installation of sensors and linking it with the various operational systems of the airport and airlines, which will contribute to managing the airport’s resources, increasing its capacity, and improving passenger satisfaction.

In addition it provides the opportunity for real-time and around-the-clock monitoring with more than 112 sensors installed in the passenger areas, Emirates News Agency WAM reported.

The Automated Boarding Pass Verification system contributes significantly to enhancing security levels and speeding up the check-in of passengers, thanks to the automated verification of all types of boarding passes, including printouts or digital versions on mobile phones, through a device that reads the pass and matches them with the existing data. The service will contribute to enhancing service levels and customer satisfaction.

The application of these two systems is part of many solutions implemented by Sharjah Airport Authority with the aim of providing an integrated smart environment, including smart gates, advanced infrastructure, smart application for travelers, and other technologies aimed at increasing passenger satisfaction and enhancing the efficiency of the airport.

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