Sunday, June 26, 2022

Changi Airport launches support for its disabled travelers

Changi Airport Group has recently launched an initiative to support individuals with invisible disabilities such as autism, dementia, down syndrome, allowing them a stress-free, inclusive journey with ease.

This busy, noisy airport environment can be a stressful experience for passengers, with invisible disabilities. With this in mind, the airport has launched its ‘Care@Changi’ initiative to further support their airport journey. The initiative comprises a variety of tools and assistance methods to assist passengers with invisible disabilities, such as unique lanyards to alert staff of their presence, a customisable step by step airport guide, and staff who have been trained specifically to assist these passengers.

The Changi Airport Social Story, an educational and downloadable tool for caregivers of people with invisible disabilities, has also been developed by the airport to help them better understand the various processes they will encounter when they arrive at their destination.

The airport journey from check-in to boarding is laid out in an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide. Passengers and caregivers can use the social story’s images to walk through the pre-flight routine.

Personnel at Changi Airport who wear the gold Care Ambassador pin show their support for passengers who have disabilities that cannot be seen. A dedicated group of frontline personnel, dubbed Changi Care Ambassadors, has been trained by RCTC to help passengers with special needs. There are already 300 frontline personnel from various passenger touchpoints in Changi trained; they plan to introduce more in the coming months.

“We are focusing our efforts to reach out to special needs schools and organisations to raise awareness of this program within the community. As we progress, we will also look to expand the services and amenities that are available for passengers with invisible disabilities,” said Damon Wong, vice president of Changi Airport Group’s passenger experience, ground operations and customer service.

“Moving forward, our team will be exploring the possibilities of introducing initiatives such as offering airport familiarization tours for families, making the invisible disabilities lanyards available for collection at Changi Airport, as well as having a sensory or quiet room within the terminals so passengers feel more at ease when they travel through Changi Airport.”

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