Friday, September 30, 2022

American Airlines to boost experience via Cloud partnership

American Airlines has partnered with Microsoft to improve the customer and crew experience. The carrier plans to use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to boost its digital transformation program. The deal is expected to help the airline cut costs, boost efficiency, and support its eco-sustainability goals.

American will migrate its data warehouse as well as legacy applications to an “Operations Hub” on Azure. The airline says it wants to harness data, as well as other digital developments, to optimize “every aspect of the customer experience and airline operations.”

It cites examples such as enhanced bag tracking, the automatic rerouting of flights based on weather conditions and the use of digital twins to simulate operations and increase efficiency.

Maya Leibman, chief information officer of American Airlines, says: “With the power of Microsoft Azure, American can innovate and accelerate its technology transformation, giving our team members augmented tools to provide our customers an enhanced travel experience.”

A number of initiatives are already underway including the use of artificial intelligence and data analytics for intelligent gating at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to reduce taxi time, save fuel and give customers extra time to make connections.

American and Microsoft have also created a ConnectMe app to provide the carrier’s employees – including ground staff, maintenance team, pilots and flight attendants – all the information required for aircraft turnaround.  Employees previously had to access the information via a desktop computer or laptop.

Judson Althoff, EVP and commercial officer at Microsoft, adds: “As the airline industry continues to transform, building a digital technology foundation in the cloud will be essential for future resilience.”

Boeing also recently announced a partnership to use the Microsoft Cloud and AI capabilities to “update its technology infrastructure and mission critical applications.”

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