Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Virgin Atlantic to operate world’s first net zero transatlantic flight

Virgin Atlantic will operate the world’s first net zero transatlantic next year after winning a competition to receive funding from the UK government that...

Aer Lingus announces its largest UK transatlantic summer schedule

Aer Lingus has launched its biggest ever summer 2023 schedule for UK customers with a record-breaking 2.25 million seats on sale to North America. The...

Aer Lingus flights to the United States up 236pc

Aer Lingus, as the Irish carrier reveals their number of flights to the United States has increased 236 per cent since US borders reopened... shows growth in transatlantic travel

Booking data from international one-stop travel service provider,, shows how transatlantic travel has taken off in the last year. In the year since...

Air Canada to launch new, non-stop transborder routes to the U.S

Air Canada announced new, daily transborder flights between Halifax-and-Newark and Vancouver-and-Houston. The year-round routes will start in December and conveniently link these major urban...

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